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The forward-thinking minds at our Calty Design Researchcenter have dreamed up a concept of automotive UX that is intelligent, friendly and helpful. Intelligent cars that continually learn, and, in turn, keep getting smarter. Brilliant cars that get to know you and your needs, and then start to anticipate them for you. A bond between car, driver and society that, like any great relationship, revolves around trust and loyalty. Helping to bring this vision to life is Yui. Yui is a liaison between you, your passengers and your car. More pal than interface, Yui, in tandem with AI, anticipates your needs and informs the car so that
Concept-i can consider and execute that next action accordingly.

Concept-i follows our belief that vehicles shouldn’t start with technology–they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them. Therefore, Concept-i was built from the inside out, with a focus on making it immersive, energetic and, most importantly –approachable. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we foresee an automotive future wherein our cars can connect with us. Thanks to Yui, Concept-i will enhance that relationship between car and driver.

In the future, we envision you, Yui and the car working together–like teammates. Now, here comes the really fun part. Thanks to the car’s advanced automated driving technologies, people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. You’re still in charge of the car. However, through biometric sensors throughout the car, Concept-i can detect what you’re feeling. That information then gets analyzed by the car’s AI. That’s when the automated features kick in. Let’s say, for example, that you’re feeling sad; the AI will analyze your emotion, make a recommendation and if necessary, take over and drive you safely to your destination. So safety and protection are a major benefit of this relationship. By knowing you better,Concept-i can help protect you better.

Concept-i looks as brilliant as it sounds–from its expressive sculptural qualities and elegant graphics to its captivating lighting and design. Its minimal yet artful interior is designed to help support its user experience. Lines flow from the center of the dashboard throughout the vehicle, while Yui travels around them, using light, sound and even touch to communicate critical information. It utilizes a single wide-screen, 3-D, full-color Head-Up Display that blends into an interior that is clean and uncluttered. Even the exterior of the car elevates the relationship between the car and the world around it, communicating with others on the road while expressing motion and excitement. Exhilarating, delightful and truly unique, Concept- is a masterpiece that always looks like it’s in motion, even when it’s not.

While we can’t predict the future, we can inspire it. So what will our cars look like and how will they function? Will we drive them or will they drive us? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. Well, we have an idea. Cars are for people who want to go to more places safely and efficiently, and enjoy the thrill of the drive at the same time. We’re excited to introduce you to a vision for the car of the future. Toyota Concept-i and its forward-thinking UX hold a mirror up to a future that is warm, friendly, engaging and, most of all–fun. Without further ado, meet Concept-i.

Toyota is devoted to safety and dependability, and proper vehicle maintenance is important to both. That’s why we include a no cost maintenance plan with the purchase or lease of every new Toyota for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. 24-hour roadside assistance is also included for 2 years and unlimited miles. Welcome to the Toyota Care advantage.

Toyota Care covers normal factory scheduled maintenance for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. 24-hour roadside assistance is also included for 2 years, regardless of mileage. See Toyota dealer for details and exclusions. Valid only in the continental U.S. and Alaska.

This comprehensive suite of safety features 12 comes standard and includes Pre-Collision System 13 with Pedestrian Detection 19 (PCS w/PD) and more.

The Toyota Corolla has always been a car you can count on. And when it comes to used Corolla vehicles, it’s no different. In fact, each used Toyota Corolla in the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles program must pass a rigorous 160-point inspection, is backed by Toyota with a 12-month/12,000-mile Limited Comprehensive Warranty1 and a 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty2. Plus, because it’s a Corolla, it also features contemporary styling and design that other used compact cars just can’t match.

Get the quality, value and dependability of a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. Browse our full range of used Toyota compact cars and get more than ever thought possible — for less than you’d expect.

We’re excited to introduce you to a vision for the car of the future . Toyota Concept-i and its forward-thinking UX hold a mirror up to a future that is warm, friendly, engaging and, most of all–fun. Without further ado, meet Concept-i.

Spacious Cargo Room in the 2014 Toyota RAV4

The 2014 Toyota RAV4 is still sporting one of its best features, generous cargo space. Even the redesign of the tailgate didn’t affect the space. It still serves the cargo needs of young families, with plenty of space for luggage, groceries and miscellaneous bags.

Compare 2014’s Compact SUVs
The 2014 Toyota RAV4 is the number one compact SUV in cargo room. The RAV4s cargo area, with the seats up equals 38.4 cubic feet and the maximum cubic feet for the cargo area equals 73.4 with the second row of seats folded down. Compared to its competitors, the Nissan Rogue, the Honda CR-V and the Subaru Forester, it is only surpassed by the Honda CR-V by .9 cubic feet with the back seats up and the Subaru Forester by 1.3 cubic feet, with the back seats folded down. The 2014 Nissan Rogue, with its seats up measures 39.3 cubic feet and the maximum volume of cargo area is 70 cubic feet with seats down; the 2014 Honda CR-V has a maximum cargo capacity of 37.2 cubic feet with seats up and 70.9 cubic feet with seats down; and the 2014 Subaru Forester has a maximum capacity with 34.4 Cubic Feet with seats up and 74.7 cubic feet with seats down. Neither vehicle can surpass the RAV4 for cargo room with the seats up and down.

Exterior Dimensions of the 2013 and 2014 RAV4
The spare tire was moved from the outside of the tailgate to a compartment situated under the carpet in the cargo area. This move had no effect on the space available for storage. Instead, it just gave the RAV4 a sleeker, more cosmopolitan look on the exterior. The 2013 RAV4 had an exterior length of 179.9 inches with an exterior width of 72.6 inches. There were no changes made to the size of the 2014 RAV4 and the cargo room remained stable from 2013 through 2014.

The small family still has a choice among Toyota’s fine vehicle models for transportation. With its compact size, it affords the driver ease of maneuverability and parking. With its ample cargo space, it also provides plenty of room for transporting sports equipment, luggage or packages. The back seats can easily be folded down to gain several additional cubic feet of cargo space, making the maximum cargo space only 10 cubic feet less than the full-size Toyota Highlander. If you’re shopping for the right compact SUV to meet the needs of your on-the-go family, consider the roomy 2014 Toyota RAV4.

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Buy A Pre Owned Certified Lexus Sedan To Drive With Comfort And Class

The increase in the number of potential customers willing to spend a good part of their savings for buying luxury products like cars has lead to expansion of international luxury market. Cars can certainly be counted as one of the most popular luxury assets, especially the ones that come with sophisticated in-built features. The amazing features of these luxury sedans have made travelling comfortable like never before. These cars have occupied a huge share of international luxury market and are quite popular amongst the elite class.

Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota Motor Corporation, which is based in Japan. This luxury car division has launched some of most the plushest sedans in the international luxury market. This division was established in the year 1989 and it reached the pinnacle of success in 2009 by ranking as the seventh biggest luxury brand of Japan. The brand has managed to survive  in the ever so competitive luxury car market by offering some of the most swankiest sedans, which are loaded with sophisticated features.

Buying a Lexus Sedan can be out of your budget, as most of the models available in the market are explicitly expensive. The reason behind these huge price tags is that a lot of effort and investment is put in for making every Lexus car. So, it is not possible to call this sedan budget-friendly for sure. If you want to get one of these lushest sedans within your budget then you can opt for pre owned certified Lexus sedans. Most of the owners who own such expensive cars do not ruin them with rash driving; henceforth these pre owned cars are mostly in good operational condition.

In case, you are now willing to buy a used Lexus sedan then you can easily find pre owned lexus dealers in countries like Canada. However, before buying a pre owned Lexus, you must enquire about factors like car’s average and the number of kilometers it has run. You should also make sure that the dealer is credible and is offering pre owned sedan at a reasonable price. You can check the rates of used Lexus sedans online in order to attain the most reasonable deal. Apart from all this, you should make sure that the car is in accordance with your requirements. To find the best Lexus model, which is in accordance with your needs, you can read the reviews available online. Expert reviews on these sedans will immensely help you in making the best buying decision.

In this article, the author has introduced about the popularity of Lexus sedans. The author has also talked about how you can get a pre owned Lexus within your budget.

Bal Crank Oil Pumps Only For Cars

If you have been looking for automotive equipment sales, service and installation then this is the right place. You can find the best quality of services and unmatched support. Whether it is Balcrank oil pumps or car parts, you can find everything online under one roof. In fact, this company is an authorized distributor for most of the major brands like Rotary, Graco, Champion, Lincoln, John Bean, Coats, Ammco, and RTI and so on. You can also expect servicing and repair for vehicles and parts of various industrial items. For instance, they specialize in installation of Surface Mount lifts, Lubrication, Compressed air and exhaust systems and the likes. Not just automotive equipment you can find products under different categories like lifts, exhaust hose, air compressors, lubrication equipment, reels, electric/light reels, jacks and accessories, shop furniture, vehicle service equipment, fluid storage tanks, sorbents, transair pipping and miscellaneous equipments.

There are promotional offers too and they can offer some great savings on a wide range of products. You can find the best manufacturers online. Here is a list of manufacturers that sell their original and genuine products through this portal.

List Of Manufactures

* Alemite
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There is a wide range of automotive equipment, cars, automobiles and a host of other product on sale. The services offered by this company keeps your business running in good condition. Moreover, you can find all types of services and repairs under different categories at this place. It is a one-stop shop for all your needs. You can shop for these items online. However, the minimum order should be of $ 25.00. You can also place international orders from outside USA. It will attract additional custom charges.

Not only does this company sell products, they also do installation of the same. They can also recommend manufacturer certified installers. They will also assist you with the warranty of products purchased through this site. Moreover, your purchase order will be processed online through a secured server. At no time will your data be shared with any other entity.

When buying automotive equipment online, it is essential to check factors like warranty, guarantee, and limitation of liability, confidentiality, security, installation services, returns policy, prices and taxes. Check these aspects before you purchase any products. This company has been in business since 1927 and they are the best in this industry. If you have been looking for any automobiles equipment, then this is the right place.

STANDARD is serving Auto Industry in the sector of Automotive Equipment Sales, Service and Installation, and is proud to be the Leader in Chicago Metropolitan area and one of the largest in the USA for Balcrank oil pumps.

Rental Vans At Nominal Rates

The rental agencies and companies that provide different automobiles and transports on rental are progressively developing in different regions of world as this business sector is rapidly prospering due to the great demand in market. The state of California is one of the most populous regions of United States and is also a top notch state of the country with sound economy. The rental business is also popular here.

The rental agencies and companies that provide different automobiles like cars,vans and trucks on rent are becoming a hit among the customers specially the car lovers. This is one of the most cost efficient ways to get a luxury car on easy rent for different purposes,may it be for marriage or tour purpose. Like many cars and trucks vans are one of the most comfortable transports that are ideal vehicles to carry a large number of passengers at one time. Toyota Sienna rental are the minivan family manufactured by Toyota. These are one of the most sought after passenger vans that are rented by customers for different occasions and purposes. These minivans are comfortable for long distance traveling and also have ample space for the extra luggage. The automobile rental companies provide a number of eminent vans with best features under different manufactures and are of different passenger capacity like the 15 passenger vans,Chrysler Town and Country,Dodge Caravan Minivan,Extended Cargo Van,Honda Odyssey Minivan,Refrigerated Van, and Toyota Sienna Minivan. You can reach out to these reliable rental services either by a phone call or by going through their official websites that provide all the relevant and important information related to different vehicles that are available on rent. You can also book a deal online.

The rental companies of Santa Monica are providing hassle free services to their customers and you can book your van as per your need and budget and can also go for Toyota Sienna minivan as these agencies provide you rental vehicles at nominal rates.

Toyota Sienna minivan Los Angeles is one of the most sought after rental vans. The city of Los Angeles has many tourism spots and people visiting the city for the first time can enjoy a family trip in the rental vans. A long road trip is also possible through these transports that are provided in their best condition and the customers are also serviced with different other perks in addition to a hassle free rental service.

Toyota Sienna rentals are undoubtedly one of the best vehicles to get on rent as they are the fuel efficient vans with spacious interiors. These vans have comfortable seats and passenger capacity till seven. This new age vans have best air conditioning system,beside that the vans have stylish look and state of the art stereo system. Not just Los Angeles,the rental agencies are branched in different regions of California to serve their customers and help them get the best rental deals. The Beverly Hills,Hollywood,Burbank,and Santa Monica are some of the eminent locations where you can easily get the rental services.

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Used Toyota – Make the Most of the Scrappage Scheme

We don’t have long left to make the very best of the scrappage scheme. That £2000 plus as decided by the government during the depths of the recession last year will soon be running out, and as soon as that happens people who want new cars will have to deal with a hefty price increase and certain shortage of bargains. Of course, it probably makes more sense to go for a used car cash-wise anyway, so it is with that in mind that I suggest choosing and researching Toyota as your brand of choice.

Why is Toyota my suggestion? Because their cars are well known for their reliability, and, actually, for their safety. Also, these cars aren’t rip offs, meaning that you can do your research and even if the scheme runs out you can still buy a used Toyota cheaply, which should make up for some of the sense of lost you will be feeling. New or used, this brand offers the best of both worlds in sporty fun little shells.

At the lower end of the Toyota range are a series of energetic and tenacious city cars, ranging from tiny little run-arounds to surprisingly spacious 4X4 aspiring hatchbacks. These are the cheapest cars, and probably the most desirable cars, in the Toyota range. If you need something really compact and efficient, choose the teeny little IQ. Here the scrappage will make this incredibly cheap – and if it runs out before you finish your research then you can head to a used Toyota dealership and buy it at a massive saving anyway.

Unfortunately the IQ isn’t very sensible for people who are too tall, or who need any sort of space. They do technically have some room, but really what you should consider is thinking about buying an Aygo. They aren’t quite as wondrously cheap, but this are comprehensive little hatchbacks. Hatchbacks purists choose the Toyota Yaris – but to be honest the Aygo would suit me just as well, especially for nipping around urban roads in towns and cities. I think lots of clever city types realise this too, and choose the compact Aygo to make life easier when searching out few and far between parking spaces.

Of course, the scrappage savings don’t make such tempting offers when you get up to some of Toyotas bigger cars. The Land Cruiser and the Hylus, whilst great spacious and functional cars, simply don’t get affected in the same way by the £2000 discount! In these cases I would always recommend opting for a nearly new or used Toyota, as they will save you so much more money. Even if it is just a year old the savings are bound to beast the scrappage scheme numbers, losing you the VAT instantly and plenty of depreciation something after that.

This all just goes to show what a difference the scrappage scheme can make if used wisely – and when it is sensible to choose used in stead. Either way, Toyota as a brand is a good way to go!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Toyota cars.

Toyota Body Parts Are Accessible From Online Stores.

As busy people we really do not spare the time to walk from store to store searching for Toyota body parts or Toyota brake pads? It is so simple these days. You can just find almost everything as well as nearly anything online. As a vehicle owner, you have the obligation to maintain a vehicle. Never invest in cheap prices vs . excellent products. If you are specifically searching for quality Toyota Parts, you can obtain just about any part online.

The Toyota is undoubtedly an remarkable vehicle as well as a well-designed car. Consequently, when buying spares on the Toyota you should be cautious and purchase only quality products. As a proud vehicle owner, you will also have to maintain it properly.

None among us enjoy having vehicle problems whether we are driving a Toyota or not. You will not like to break down in the center of the highway with no mechanic in sight. You could count on K&N products. You can aquire on-line parts such as, K&N Honda, K&N Ford, K&N Intake and K&N Filters.

K&N parts are really dependable, and they have been examined by impartial labs. Shoppers could be impressed by the amount of tests on the air filtering system. They are leaders on the high flow efficiency air filter.

It helps exploring the internet for those parts that you will need to fix or power up your car. It does not take too long to understand that an engine is nothing more than a hyped up air pump. The amazing part is the fact that more fuel as well as air which passes throughout the cylinders, the greater power is produced.

So that you can work on your cars with ease, body parts are available online. You can forget driving around hunting for a auto centre and having all the parking difficulties, just go on-line and improve your cars air flow applying K&N parts. Help your vehicle engine breathe in and out a whole lot better.

So if you are interested in auto body parts go to, explore this amazing catalogue featuring its lots of of various parts and products. All of the exterior and interior physique parts are detailed alphabetically with year and model. All body parts come with an industry standard of a 1-year with a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

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Toyota Parts – Quality at Its Peak

High prices of gas and diesel fuel has forced automobile manufacturers to innovate by coming up with solutions and thinking outside the box. In the case of the Toyota Motor Company, the Japanese Auto making giant, parts like the Toyota Highlander parts are carefully designed to maximize fuel efficiency while remaining affordable.

In a well-planned calibrated and redesigned move adopted by the company, which will certainly be adopted by other automakers, the Toyota Motor Company plans to offer to its customers a high output engine as standard equipment. The engine is equipped with four-cylinders in all new SUV models after 2009.

Toyota Highlander parts are available with all its dealers, especially models that were introduced into the market since 1990, and since the Highlander was launched in 2001, getting parts is simple. Genuine Toyota parts are available with authorized dealers of the Toyota Motor company, as some aftermarket Toyota Highlander spare parts bought from unauthorized and unreliable sources may turn out to be fakes or used material spares.

With a massive increase in cars and SUVs, more and more aftermarket auto spare part dealers have emerged in the market, which stock and readily provide replacements for auto spares for different every Toyota vehicle available. They also stock and offer accessories like car stereos, safety air bags, tires and a variety of other aftermarket products that are designed to improve the car’s performance. There are accessories and parts that increase safety, improve mileage, give better fuel efficiency, and enhance the look of vehicles.

The parts manufactured for the Toyota Highlander are made of tough, shock proof material and because the SUV has been built with the concept of driving both in the cities and through rugged mountainous terrain, they are highly durable, reliable and do not give away easily. Nevertheless, at the same time the Highlander needs to be maintained well and must be periodically serviced to achieve smooth effortless driving and get optimal performance and longevity. Even the very best Toyota Highlander parts in the world will fail to operate properly if they are not well maintained and cared for.

It’s important that Toyota parts are installed correctly in order for them to work as promised. Make sure that even if you have purchased high quality genuine Toyota parts, you get them installed by a certified mechanic who really knows what they are doing. If parts are not correctly installed, they can fail to function properly and may even cause expensive damage to your vehicle.

If you decide to install parts yourself, precisely follow the instructions given and carefully test the part once it has been installed to ensure that it is firmly in place and that it is operating as it should. If you find that it is shaky or that it is not working as promised, it’s important that you take it to a mechanic right away. You are better off paying a little bit to have your parts installed right then to have pay a ton for a new car! sells Toyota Tundra parts , Toyota 4Runner parts , and all other Toyota OEM parts you need and has developed a reputation for honesty, integrity and value for their customers. Visit now for exclusive deals.

How To Get an Automobile: Common Recommendations

The acquisition of an automobile is a crucial occasion in the lifetime of each and every person. Automobiles and particularly new ones tend to be pretty expensive, thus a lot of folks require to work tirelessly until finally they can earn adequate bucks for buying an automobile. As this acquisition happens to be pricey and essential, you will have to end up clever and also give consideration to many important specifics. As a way to steer clear of disappointment as well as financial loss you ought to use a detailed project of steps. With out finding out your needs as well as assessing your current payment abilities you’ll not be capable to discover the appropriate car.

just before intending to the local car dealership or simply browsing the web, you should decide what automobile you’ll be able to find the money for new or second-hand. Getting a brand-new auto will be simple if you have adequate amount of bucks sure. In case you do not have money you may make an application for a loan. Any time buying a completely new auto you mainly require to discover a trustworthy car dealership. That way you can be certain the vehicle is actually new and therefore secure. Regrettably, you can find a lot of car dealerships which offer brand new automobiles that contain second hand replacement parts which can originate from robbed autos. Thus, you have to use all of the basic safety tips to stay away from this annoying situation. Furthermore, whenever picking any completely new car it is advisable to check out all of the documents.

Yet, in case you have no money meant for getting the completely new motor vehicle you actually must go for purchasing a used automobile. Needless to say, it is possible to ask for a loan, yet it is certainly not the best choice, since you will need to pay back interest rates charged by financial institution. Thus, in the event you do not would like to overpay and get a long time economic obligation, purchasing a pre-owned car could be a smart choice.

The acquisition of a second hand automobile presupposes certain risks, since this sort of autos has got particular driving history. To be able to make the appropriate choice you need to have a look at lots of significant factors. To have full satisfaction on buying a pre-owned vehicle, you may need to discover a trusted dealership and complete good investigation. Locating quality vehicle will be feasible in the event you are ready to invest certain amount of your time to this specific procedure.

Adhere to the pointed out beneath hints and you may discover a perfect pre-owned car for your capital:

To begin with you must make certain the car that you take into consideration purchasing is in a decent condition. If you have got basic know-how concerning vehicles, you’ll be able to analyze the vehicle yourself. But, if you don’t understand much regarding vehicles, it is recommended getting aid from auto technician. You ought to figure out what difficulties you might face with the possible auto.

Look at the papers. Just before paying out bucks, you’ll have to check the docs. When necessary, receive guidance from professional solicitor. After you make sure that all docs are authorized and the automobile happens to be in an excellent condition you may come up with ultimate decision.

In the event you have no time to go to neighborhood dealerships you’ll be able to surf the world-wide-web. There are lots of dependable website that offer pre-owned automobiles. Anytime picking out an automobile on the internet it is recommended meeting the owner and checking out the car.

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Toyota RAV4 – A Reliable, Efficient And Practical Choice

Toyota RAV4 – A Reliable, Efficient And Practical Choice

The latest Toyota RAV4 is fighting a hard battle in the compact SUV market. Under the shadow of its rivals like Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and Land Rover Free-lander it fades into the background. Make no mistake; it is not a bad car it is a proficient car yet uninspiring to drive. The biggest let down is its universally inoffensive styling. It also struggles to tick as many boxes as its competitors. It is not as practical as a Free-lander, it doesn’t drive like the X-Trail and it doesn’t look extreme as a CR-V.

When Toyota launched its RAV4 in the mid-nineties it was a trendsetter. The current model doesn’t have the sportiness of its predecessor. It feels lackluster and next to the big Nissan X-Trail it seems smooth and dull. It has been laid out well and what Toyota lacks on the outside, it makes up for it inside. The RAV4 is competent rather than electrifying. Toyota RAV4 feels safe and sound on the road and stays composed and comfortable through the bends. Its four wheel drive system works well and the steering is light and accurate. The soft chassis work well when the RAV4 is pushed. The Toyota RAV4 comes in either a 2.0 litre petrol engine or a 2.2-litre D-4D diesel powertrain. It has a respectable time of 10.2seconds for the 0-62mph benchmark.

Toyota’s are well renowned for their safety credentials and the RAV4 doesn’t lag behind in this respect. It has a host of airbags and some models even offer protection for the driver and passenger. The steering is agile and direct. The Toyota RAV4 only achieved four stars for the Euro NCAP crash testing where as the well established Land Rover Free-lander gets all five stars. Bluetooth, cruise control and Parking sensors are fitted as standard on most versions.

The 2.2 D-4D diesel is the best choice as it is very economical. It gives an acclaimed 47.1mpg which is the same as the two wheel drive only trim which has the same engine. On the other hand the Honda CR-V only gives 43.5mpg. One of the positives for the RAV4 is the five year warranty offered on all new cars. It also offers generous Kit and even the basic spec-models get a air-con, MP3-compatible stereo and alloys as standard. Toyota RAV4 is reliable with an upmarket cabin which offers generous equipment. However, the drab styling, thirsty petrol engines and uninspiring drive are a letdown for the RAV4.

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